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Homes, Apartments, Offices, clinics, Schools, churches, Banks, Buildings common area, Retail
stores, move in move out apartments & more
Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room, Dining Room, garage,Windows, Doors and more
We Also provide handyman services for all your repairs, windows,doors,plumbing and more
Mimi House Cleaning, Inc.  8324 N.Coral Cir N.LAUDERDALE, FL, 33068      Business Office(754)4221259
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Mimi House Cleaning dba    Cleaning Depot  USA
*We do extra work upon  your request.          *Clean ceiling fans.
*Remove books and clean the shelves.              *Clean wood work.
*Exterior doors & windows.                                      *Wash all the walls inside.
*Clean Balcony & Car Garage. And More.            *Sliding doors.
*Clean inside Refrigerator & Freezer.                      *Clean inside Oven.
*Pressure cleaning,                                                             * Carpet cleaning
*Clean & wash Patio Screen                                               * Window cleaning
*Remove all Items From Cabinet Clean them And Re-Place them
Free Estimate        Call (754)368-2930   
Business Office      Call (754)422-1259
Women Owned Small Business

Mimi House Cleaning dba Cleaning Depot USA
is a family owned and operated with more than
20 years of experience meeting the janitorial needs of a

wide array of  Residential  And Commercial Businesses.
We  also provide handyman service for all your repairs.
We Are verified Federal Government Contractors.
We are located in the heart of Broward County and
provide residential and commercial cleaning to all kind
of homes, apartments, offices, schools, clinics & Buildings.
We provide
unsurpassed cleaning services through active
and outstanding quality control measures.
We are dedicated to providing each and every customer
the superb service they deserve. Our service is designed
and implemented  to customize a cleaning program that
fits your needs and budget. From daily maintenance to
situations, we are always  prepared. Our
to details and  competitive pricing
Make Us  The Cleaning  Company Of Your Choice  
Why choose us ..
1-We use state of the art vacuum cleaner that
actually allows you to"clean for your health"by

removing allergens and not simply
redistributing them back into the air.
sealed vacuum cleaner with a filter that mee
the rigorous U.S.

2-Unique home cleaning and disinfection
services that kills harmful bacteria, germs and

3-We use green cleaning products like Krud
Kutter Heavy Duty Cleaner and Disinfectant
deodorizes and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses
and germs also inhibits the growth of mold
and mildew on hard, non-porous surfaces
•Hospital grade disinfectant •Cleans without
bleaching •Multi-surface cleaner and
disinfectant •No harmful chemicals or fumes
•Bleach free

4-We are
.licensed/insured and bonded,
.100% satisfaction guaranteed
.Customized service 24/7 .Low rates  .Quality
trained and supervised employees.  

CAGE #   72HL9   DUNS #  065971349